Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that 2019 has started off for you on the right foot. This time of year is traditionally a time for taking stock of our lives and resolving to make changes. I too have taken advantage of the freshness of New Years in the past to make resolutions and set goals. I have had my successes and I have fell short of the mark. It happens. Making changes often isn’t easy. If you are looking to meet a goal or resolution in 2019 , I hope that you will indulge me as I share some advice.

First, focus on process goals rather than outcome goals. Instead of focusing on one grandiose goal, focus on what you you need to do on a regular basis to work towards accomplishing that goal. If you take action towards meeting your goal on a daily basis, the outcome will come.

Second, make small changes over time. Don’t try to change everything in your life overnight. Build a record of small successes that build momentum towards meeting your ultimate goal.

Third, seek help. We all want to be seen as competent and knowledgeable, but there are people out there that can lend you a hand. Perhaps it is someone that has been on the same journey that you now face. Perhaps it is a person that is experienced and trained in helping others meet their goals. Perhaps it is a person that loves you (or at least likes you a little) and would be willing to support you in your efforts. Often times we are not alone unless we choose to be alone.

Fourth, expect setbacks. If you don’t make it to the gym one day like you planned, you had some food that wasn’t in line with your body composition goals, you broke down and had a cigarette, or otherwise stubbed your toe on the journey towards your goal, don’t quit! It happens. Learn from it. Just don’t let a momentary setback morph into an excuse to put off resuming your journey. If you have a setback on a Tuesday, don’t put off resuming your efforts until Monday, or God forbid, next January 1st.

Have a fantastic first week of 2019!

— Greg

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    Happy New Year! If you are one of those people that made resolutions for 2019, here are some suggestions towards meeting them.

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